Strategic Plan

2015 Community Survey Results

The survey was conducted to collect data as the primary basis for preparing a strategic plan that will guide the library through 2020. Survey packets were distributed to each North Riverside household and were made available online. Between July 24 and August 22, 2015, a total of 329 participants – 10% of households – completed the survey.

The survey was organized into several sections including general satisfaction, collection, atmosphere, staff, facilities, and programs. Also included were opportunities for respondents to offer feedback on the future of the library district.

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NRPLD Community Survey Report
Appendix A: Overall Survey Results
Appendix B1: Cross Tabulation Tables – Part 1
Appendix B2: Cross Tabulation Tables – Part 2
Appendix C: Summary of Open Ended Survey Questions


The mission of the North Riverside Public Library District is to support the principles of intellectual freedom while meeting the needs of the district’s diverse population by providing materials, programs and services that promote lifelong learning, a love of reading and the pursuit of knowledge.

Adopted August 18, 2008

Community Service

Goal 1:  To improve and maintain communication between Library and Village entities and between Library and North Riverside residents.

Objective 1:  Develop a formal orientation plan that includes customer service.  Network with other libraries for ideas.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Objective 2:  Communicate and cooperate with Mater Christi Church and the 8th Avenue Church, to promote library events.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Objective 3:  Conduct a customer service in-service during the next 12 months.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Objective 4:  Continue to network with North Riverside and Riverside Public Schools.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Goal 2: Promote cultural diversity in the library.

Objective 1:  Utilize census data to determine if the Library is meeting the demographic needs of the area.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Objective 2:  Host an employee in-service annually to discuss the need to respect cultural differences among library patrons and staff.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads


Goal 1:  To provide a comfortable environment for staff and patrons.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Goal 2:  Provide for continual, cost-effective maintenance of the Library facility.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Goal 3:  Maintain a roster of capital liabilities that might need to be repaired or replaced.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Human Resources

Goal 1:  To ensure that we have current, accurate position descriptions in place which are reviewed and revised (if needed) yearly.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Goal 2:  Continue weekly report for staff, with verbal clarification as needed.  Also conduct staff  meetings as necessary.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads

Fiscal Resources

Goal 1:  The library will break even his year and have a realistic savings of $5,000 – $10,000 per year in its reserves, beginning with FY’ 11.

Objective 1:  Reduce expenses.
Responsibility:  Director and Treasurer

Goal 2:  Provide a prioritized “wish list” to the Library Foundation.

Objective 1:  Develop a listing in a Subcommittee Meeting or Board Meeting.
Responsibility:  Board, Director, and Department Heads.

Goal 3:  Discuss grant opportunities with Library Foundation, including new computer donations from businesses and matching grants.
Responsibility:  Selected Board members.

Education and Collection Development

Goal 1:  Provide patrons with the resources, (electronic and otherwise) and the skills needed to access information.

Objective 1:  Each Department should define which media and technology skills are needed for patrons to make full-use of library services.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads.

Objective 2:  Identify and update the technology needs of our library that will help the library achieve its mission.
Responsibility:  Director, Department Heads, and Board.


Goal 1:  Encourage Patrons to use website.

Objective 1:  The website should include fun and informational activities.  These should include interactive games, a book club and related questions. If possible, a counter should be added so that we can count “hits.”  Include a survey, using Survey Monkey.
Responsibility:  Board, Director, and Department Heads.

Goal 2:  Update computers every five years.

Objective 1:  Determine which computers need replacing.  Review with Building and Grounds Committee.  Review with Board again in 2 – 3 years.
Responsibility:  Director and Board.

Equipment and Security

Goal 1:  Consider having security cameras installed in FY ’11.

Objective 1:  Obtain quotes and review at a Board Meeting.

Goal 2:  To reduce incidence of downtime of equipment and control repair costs.

Objective 1:  Develop an ongoing plan that reviews the condition, operation, and maintenance of all Library equipment.
Responsibility:  Director

Goal 3:  To insure that Library Staff are prepared to react calmly and professionally to unforeseen emergencies.

Objective 1:  Modernize the disaster plan.  Keep copies of important documents off the premises.  Develop a comprehensive list of procedures for dealing with unforeseen emergencies and require staff to know what these procedures are and how to implement them.
Responsibility:  Director

Objective 2:  Plan and implement a daytime fire drill, an evening fire drill, and tornado evacuation drill at least once per year.  This effort should be coordinated with the North Riverside Fire Department.
Responsibility:  Director

Objective 3:  Train staff to deal with disruptive patrons who are unruly, overly loud, or abusive.
Responsibility:  Director and Department Heads


Goal 1:  Review status of roof and develop a plan for financing a new roof in a few years.

Objective 1:  Obtain quotes and review at a Board Meeting.