Upcoming Agenda

North Riverside Public Library District

2400 S. DesPlaines Avenue

North Riverside, Illinois


Agenda – Regular meeting of NOVEMBER 10, 2014 – DRAFT


  1. Open of Meeting
  • Call to order
  • Determination of quorum
  • Recognition of visitors to the meeting
  • Approval of agenda and requested changes to consent agenda
  1. Open Forum

Audience Note: If you wish to speak to the Board, please read and

complete the open forum sheet provided and give it to the Board


  1. Financial reports
  • Treasurer
  • Accountant
  1. Consent Agenda
  • Approval of financial statements
  • Approval of Warrant List #14-11
  • Authorization to transfer $60,000.00

     Detailed information on all consent agenda items is included in

     this meeting packet. If you have any questions about consent

     agenda items or any agenda item as you prepare for the meeting,

     please contact the Library Director, Ted Bodewes at (708)

     447-0869 or bodewese@northriversidelibrary.org.


  1. Committee Reports
  1. Building and Grounds (Dave Witken, chairman)
  • Service and Inspection Log (Information)
  • Repair Log (Information)
  • Technology (Information)
  1. Management of Services (P.J. Folz, chairman)
  • Foundation (Information)
  1. Finance (Brad Lanken, chairman)
  • Approval of Warrant List 14-11A (Action)
  1.  Strategic Planning (Greg Gordon, chairman)
  •  Approval of Strategic Planning Overview (Action)
  1. Personnel (Kay Subaitis, chairman)
  • Friends of the Library (Information)
  1. Policy (Mary Lee, chairman)

6. President

  1. Holiday Dinner (Discussion)
  2. Annual Report (Discussion)

7. Other Action Items

A. Approval of the minutes

  • October 6,2014, Building and Grounds Committee Meeting
  • October 13, 2014, Board Meeting
  • October 13, 2014, Finance Committee Meeting

8. Information items

  1. Committee Meetings
  2. Calendar
  3. Memorial Books Report
  4. Correspondence
  5. Board action log
  6. Trustee continuing education
  7. Grants
  8. Advocacy

9.   Closed session (The Board of Trustees may decide, by a roll call vote, to convene in closed session if there are matters to discuss confidentially, in accordance with the Open Meetings Act)

10. Return to open session11. Possible action item (pertaining to closed session discussion)12. Adjournment

Note: Agenda items may be added that pertain to discussion or  information.   No items may be added to the final agenda that require Board action.


Next meeting is currently scheduled for December 8, 2014