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    Library Card Policies

    The North Riverside Public Library provides an opportunity for patrons to explore its materials via rental. Materials available for rental are printed as well as digitally accessible. In order to access these materials patrons must furnish a NRPL library card. There are different types of library cards available in order to access materials. A library staff member will be best suited to guide you through the steps by which you may obtain a North Riverside Public Library card. Below you will see an overview of various cards offered.

    1. Resident cards:

    a. Immediate issue: Residents over 18 years of age may register for a library card at the library with either:
    i. a current updated government issued photo ID or
    ii. an unexpired government ID AND one of the items in column 2 A
    b. Mailed Cards: Residents over 18 may apply with one government issued photo ID which is not updated (i.e. no current address) and opt to have their card mailed to the residence listed on their ID to fulfill residency verification.
    c. On-Line: Over 18 may apply online and pick up their card the following day. All cards must be picked up within 30 days. A current updated government ID or a non-updated government ID and an item from column 2 A will be required for verification.
    d. High school students: may apply using their current school issued ID. Students may pick up a library card application at the library, bring it home for parent’s signature and information, return the application to the library. Librarians will verify parent/guardian’s information by phone and their library card will be mailed to their residence.
    e. Age requirement: Children ages 0-high school must have a parent apply for their card. There are no age restrictions for library card issuance.
    f. Expiration: Resident library cards are valid for 2 years from the issuing date and must be renewed with a government ID at the library after that time.

    *Residents may choose to verify their residency by having the library card mailed to their residence. Library cards will not be mailed to Post Office Boxes; library notices may be mailed to a PO Box at the patron’s request but patron residence must remain on file. If at any time a library card or notice is returned to the library through the post office, the patron’s account may be stopped and the patron asked to provide proof of residence from column 2 A above.

    2. Non-resident tax payer cards:

    a. Non-resident tax payers must provide a copy of their tax bill and may be issued one card per property.
    b. Expiration: Cards will be valid for 2 years.

    3. Non-resident cards:

    a. A non-resident is anyone who lives in Illinois and who does not have their principal residence in the North Riverside Library’s district. A card may be purchased based on the formula set by the Illinois State Library. Those applying must provide their most recent tax bill.
    b. Expiration: Cards are valid for 1 year.

    4. Business Cards:

    a. Business cards will be issued to any organizational entity, profit or non-profit, that owns or rents property in the North Riverside Public Library District’s boundaries. Businesses must:
    i. Fill out an application.
    ii. Apply with a letter on business letterhead requesting a library card stating who the designated card holder will be and who is responsible for any charges accrued on the card.
    b. Expiration: Business cards a valid for one (1) year and must be renewed with an updated letter noting any changes to the designated card holder.
    c. Fines and fees apply as they do to any other card. The business will be responsible for those charges.

    Blocked cards

    Patrons and businesses who hold cards are eligible to check out material and use the North Riverside Public Library’s digital resources until their card reaches a $5 in fines. Cards are then restricted until the fines are paid below $5. Patrons may check out material at the library if they pay something to reduce their fines even if that does not bring their total below $5 in most circumstances.

    Library Card Benefits

    Because your library is a member of SWAN, your library card will be honored at any of the public libraries in the SWAN System (See List of SWAN Member Libraries), as well as at public libraries in several other library systems in Illinois, including the Chicago Public Library.

    Museum Passes

    Your library card also allows you to receive admission or a special discount at several participating Chicago area museums and cultural destinations, including the Brookfield Zoo, Cantigny Park, LEGOLAND, and many more (See List of Participating Museums). 


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