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Lulu Walks The Dogs

Lulu Walks The Dogs

Judith Viorst

Lulu needs help from a boy named Fleischman if she is to earn money walking her neighbors’ dogs, and she finds out that if she wants her business venture to succeed, she has to be nice.

Just Jake

Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog

Jake Marcionette

Sixth-grader Jake Ali Mathews is slowly settling in at his new school and has a new best friend, Michael, but a substitute teacher arrives who instructs by having her students help with a fledgling pet-grooming company, which strains his friendship and tests his growing popularity.

The Galactic Goal

Space Mice: The Galactic Goal

Geronimo Stilton

The spacemice have received an invitation to participate in the intergalactic soccerix championship. It’s a tournament for the most popular sport in space! But Geronimo doesn’t even know how to play Soccerix, let alone lead a team to victory against aliens with bizarre skills (like flying)! Can the spacemice team prevail?

Steve And The Legend Of Slenderman

Steve And The Legend Of Slenderman

World Of Minecraft

Something has terrorized the village of Neariver, something terrifying! Rumors around the village claim sightings of a tall, dark figure which vanished into the forest. Is this figure the reason for the disappearing of the sacred enchantment book? Will Steve be able to find and return the book? What dangers await Steve in the forest? […]

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