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I Woke Up Dead at the Mall

I Woke Up Dead at the Mall

Judy Sheehan

Sixteen-year-old Sarah wakes up dead at the Mall of America only to find she was murdered, and she must work with a group of dead teenagers to finish up the unresolved business of their former lives while preventing her murderer from killing again

Kill The Boy Band

Kill The Boy Band

Goldy Moldavsky

Four fan-girls of The Ruperts, sneak away to a hotel in Manhattan to see their favorite boy band, but when one of them literally drags Rupert Pierpont to their room and they tie him up, things get complicated–and when Rupert is killed things go from bad to worse.

A Tangle of Gold

A Tangle of Gold: a Colors of Madeleine Novel

Jaclyn Moriarty

In Cambridge, England, Madeleine Tully is still working to gather the Royal Family, and get them back to their parallel world–but in Cello, Elliot Baranski is being held captive, the Hostiles are working against the Royal Family, and the World Severance Unit is trying to stop all contact between Cello and the World for good

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