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What Remains of Me

What Remains of Me

Alison Gaylin

A spellbinding novel of psychological suspense, set in the glamorous, wealthy world of Hollywood-a darkly imaginative and atmospheric tale of revenge and betrayal, presumed guilt and innocence lost, dirty secrets and family ties.


Georgia: a novel of Georgia O’Keeffe

Dawn Tripp

In 1916, Georgia O’Keeffe is a young, unknown art teacher when she travels to New York to meet Stieglitz, the famed photographer and art dealer, who has discovered O’Keeffe’s work and exhibits it in his gallery.  Soon she must make difficult choices to live a life she believes in.

All Things Cease to Appear

All Things Cease to Appear

Elizabeth Brundage

Arriving home to find his wife murdered and their toddler left alone, art history professor George Clare is targeted with suspicion by a relentless police officer as dark community secrets are revealed over a span of decades.

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