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Talking Dreams


Talking Dreams is the debut studio album by American indie pop band Echosmith. The album was released on October 1, 2013 through Warner Bros. Records.  All songs on the album were co-written by the four Sierota siblings and their father, Jeffery David.


What Went Down


All of the truly transformative and era-defining albums have grappled with questions that are a world away from the bland bleatings of homogenized pop. Permanence and impermanence, life and death, solitude, vulnerability, intimacy, passion, rage, humanity – weighty issues that make demands of the people creating that music, and of all those who listen to […]

colony house

When I Was Younger

Colony House

Silhouettes — Second guessing games — When I was younger — Caught me by surprise — Roll with the punches — Keep on keeping on — Waiting for my time to come — 2:20 — Learning how to love — Won’t give up — Moving forward — Glorious — I had to grow up — […]


Feels Like


Bully is the name for the Nashville quartet that is transforming familiar ’90s alt-rock (Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Weezer) into smart, sharp-edged millennial indie rock – an apt description for the band’s churning guitars, rambunctious rhythms, and tightly coiled intensity. Their debut “Feels Like” sounds alternately like a balled fist and a fresh bruise. Bully is […]


Into the Sun


Into The Sun!!! Bassnectar delivers 16 new pieces of amorphous music – a diverse journey through sparkling melodic downtempo to shimmering hype music to mutated indy rock re-cuts to renegade deep house caught in a trap to blistering bass music explosions – plus a continuous mix bonus disc of all original songs & remixes – […]

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