Teens Review Books!

This summer, the library is proud to present book reviews written by local teens themselves. If you would like to review a book, let us know at youthservices@northriversidelibrary.org.

Latest Reviews

The Curse Workers Series by Holly Black. Review by Sam G. Cassel Sharpe, the odd one out in his mob family, is the protagonist of this series. Although he doesn’t have the special powers that the rest of the mob has, he can steal, lie and sneak just as well as the rest of them. Cassel’s story revolves around the mystery of his past as well as the hardships of trying to overcome his mob background and live a normal life while seeking out the hardcore mob heiress who just happens to be the girl of his dreams.

This series is a fantastic blend of adventure and modern fantasy. It creates a seamless world where we all wear gloves and fear the supernatural minority that can “work” you with a touch of a hand while building a complex and intriguing curseworking mafia full of unforgettable characters. Cassel, the unlikely hero, is fun, witty and hilarious in this fast-paced series that keeps the twists coming.

Books in this series, so far:  White Cat (2010); Red Glove (2011); Black Heart (2012)