YA Summer Scavenger Hunt

How Well Do You Know Your Library?

Win CANDY with a scavenger hunt that will test your knowledge of the books in the YA area! (The YA area is on the main floor, past the Reference Desk.)

Piece of Candy

How to play:

The answer to each question will be a different YA book.

Inside the book you’ll find this hidden slip of paper.

Bring the slip to the YS Help Desk (lower level) to collect your prize.

Limit of five prizes per day per person.

1. Where can you see the angels read?
2. Can you spot Severus Snape?
3. In what book could you find the Scottish flag?
4. “When you play the ___ of ___ you win or you die.”
5. Where can you listen to the mockingjay’s?
6. Need to pick a college? This handy guide will help.
7. Want to retake the ACT? This will help you boost your scores.
8. Where can you find the Post-It questions?
9. This book was recently turned into a bad teen fantasy movie starring Lilly Collins. Can you find it?
10. Where can you find the spy in pink plaid?
11. Can you find the vampire’s apple?
12. Where is thE red dragon?
13. Can you find Capt. Mal Reynolds?
14. Who is the winged girl with her own flock?
15. This book of poetry describes the dangers of methamphetamine addiction. Can you find it?
16. This movie stars Nic Cage on fire. What is it?
17. Where can you find Kim and Kanye looking ridiculous?
18. “Always.” – Is a quote from what book?
19. Where is the wife of Nicholas Flamel?
20. Can you find the little liars?