Meeting Room Policies

(revised April 11, 2011, and February 13, 2012)

A) The library provides the use of some of its space as a service to groups and organizations, provided space is not already reserved for use by Library-related programs or organizations, under conditions established by the North Riverside Public Library District Board of Trustees.

Use of the meeting rooms is governed by the following conditions and regulations.

B) Meeting rooms are available for use for up to four hours according to the following fee structure:

Non-profit North Riverside organizations – No charge
For-profit North Riverside organizations – $50
Non-profit organizations from outside North Riverside – $50
For-profit organizations from outside North Riverside – $200

To obtain permission to use a meeting room, all of the above are required to submit to the Director or his designee a Meeting Room Application accompanied by a $100 damage/cleanup deposit, which will be refunded if no damage is incurred nor cleanup required. Damages in excess of $100.00 will be the responsibility of the applicant. Applications may be obtained from the Director or his designee.

Deposit for single use will be returned within seven days to applicant. Deposit for multiple uses will be returned upon completion of term.

C) Permission to use a meeting room may be denied if the activity proposed would materially and substantially interfere with proper functions of the library, such as excessive noise, a significant safety hazard or a significant security risk.

D) Applications must be submitted at least 15 days prior to any meeting date requested.  The Director or his designee will endeavor to communicate a decision to the applicant by the first business day of the following week.

E) Approval for one meeting does not imply approval for future meetings; individual applications should be made for each meeting date desired. Requests may be submitted in a batch; each request will be reviewed individually. Request renewals must be made annually if the group meets on a regular scheduled basis. Use of the meeting room, at no charge, to a single group shall be limited to two (2) times per month.

F) A group or organization which has been denied permission to use a meeting room by the Director or his designee may appeal the denial to the Library Board of Trustees at the Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting.  However, written notice of the appeal and all supporting written documentation are to be delivered to the Director or his designee at least five business days before the Board Meeting.  At this Board meeting, the appellant may be granted up to fifteen minutes for a presentation that would support reversal of the denial by the Director or his designee. The Board of Trustees will deliberate on the appeal in open session and will attempt to complete its findings of fact and to reach a decision at the meeting, unless additional information is deemed necessary.

G) A Library staff member will check the meeting room before and after each scheduled use, and the Director or his designee will notify in writing the person who applied to use the room of damage incurred or cleanup required as well as of any violations of the meeting room regulations.  The Administrative Librarian will also notify the Board of Trustees which may consider suspending the privilege of using the meeting room to that group/organization.  The Board of Trustees, after giving proper notification and due process to that group/organization, may suspend the group/organization’s meeting room privileges.

H) The Board of Trustees of the North Riverside Public Library will review the Meeting Rooms Policy and regulations periodically and reserves the right to amend them at anytime.  The following rules apply to the use of the meeting rooms:

1) All applications for meeting room use must be made by a resident age 18 or older.

2) The meeting room applicant and the group or organization which the applicant represents shall be jointly and severally liable for any breakage, damage or theft of any library property caused by members or guests of the group organization.

3) The applicant must be present at the entire meeting, since he/she is one of the responsible parties.

4) When a group finds it necessary to cancel a meeting, it should notify promptly the Director or his designee, but not less than 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

5) Use of the meeting rooms are limited to groups or organizations who allow access for free, unless it is a library-sponsored program, for which a fee may be charged to defray expenses.

6) No smoking or alcohol is allowed in the meeting rooms.

7) Meetings may be scheduled only on days and during hours when the Library is open.

8. Permission to use a meeting room does not constitute endorsement of the subject matter of the meeting, or the group’s or organization’s beliefs and policies.  As a result, publicity on non-library-sponsored meetings must in no way imply Library sponsorship.

9) Use of the Library’s mailing address or phone number by non-Library-related groups or organizations, unless authorized by the Director or his designee to aid in pre-registering participants, will be grounds for cancellation of meeting room privileges.

10) Sign or posters pertaining to a non-Library-related meeting may be placed only on the entryway bulletin board.

11) Groups or organizations may store equipment or materials for use in the meeting room, only on a temporary basis and only with the permission of the Director or his designee. Responsibility for the loss or damage to any equipment or materials owned or rented by a group/organization meeting in the Library is the group’s or organization’s alone.

12) Non-Library-sponsored meetings may begin as early as 10:30AM

13) Each non-Library-sponsored meeting must end 15 minutes before the Library closes.  A Library staff representative will inform the group/organization 30 minutes before the Library closes that the meeting must conclude in 15 minutes.  A representative of the group/organization should notify the Circulation Desk when the meeting has concluded.

14) Library Staff will set up tables and chairs per the organization spokesman’s request.  At the conclusion of a meeting, the group/organization is responsible for placing the room in the condition existing before the meeting commenced.  Library Staff will take down tables and chairs.

15) Attaching anything to the walls or the ceiling of the meeting room is prohibited.

16) Groups are encouraged to bring their own equipment unless permission is granted to use the Library’s equipment. If Library equipment is to be used, the Director or his designee will decide whether a staff member must be present to ensure correct operation of the equipment.

17) Light refreshments may be served in the Meeting Room. More substantial meals served by groups vary by organization and may be permitted at the discretion of the Director or his designee. Those using the Meeting Room must provide all of their own supplies. The group of association is responsible for leaving the room in a clean and orderly condition.

18) It is the responsibility of the group/organization to ensure compliance with fire code restrictions relating to meeting room occupancy limits of 56 people seated at tables and chairs or 120 people standing in the main floor Meeting Room and 60 people in the lower level Youth Services Story Room.

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